This was a quick little project, or at least it was supposed to be. I had a nice pine board I was going to use for a different project, but lost interest in it, and thought the wall in the control room had been bare for too long.

I printed out the letters on regular paper, spray glued them to the board and proceeded to cut them out. Then I sanded the paper off. The hard part was sanding the inside edges of the letters. Next I spray painted them flat white.

The biggest irritation came when I went to install them. I was using a 16 gauge finish nailer. I thought it would be fine, however the letters were a bit delicate and wood wasn’t as hard as it needed to be, about 6-10 pieces came flying off when I was nailing them up. Luckily I had some super glue with an accelerator, so I was able to glue them back on quickly.

In order to get the correct spacing and alignment while installing, I used my laptop and projector to project the graphic on the wall.

Next time I will use a CNC router to cut the letters out of MDF, then I will just glue the letters to the wall.